We’re all waiting on the Three From Hell trailer, but when will Rob Zombie unleash it?

Rob Zombie fans have been patient for the Three From Hell trailer to emerge, yet sadly it’s still nowhere to be seen. It’s the third instalment in the loosely coined Firefly family trilogy, which includes 2003’s House of 1000 Corpses and 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects.

The first film felt very much aligned with the music-video aesthetic we associate with his formative audio-visual output; essentially, it was a homage to Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the most refreshing to surface in quite some time. The sequel, however, felt far more restrained from a stylistic perspective but embraced more problematic material to disturb viewers. The somewhat Mansonite tale explored in The Devil’s Rejects had a wider mainstream appeal due to Zombie’s more conventional approach to editing and the road-movie narrative, which resulted in more fans all up for a third feature. 

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Since then, we’ve seen him tackle John Carpenter’s Halloween, The Lords of Salem, 31 – which you could consider a spiritual successor of his work in 2005 – and more. These projects were met with varying success, but his celebrity has endured significant cult status over the years thanks to his wholehearted work as both musician and filmmaker. He clearly profits far more when he’s on tour, so it’s highly arguable that Zombie never approached cinema for the money, but out of his own love for the medium. Perhaps that’s why Three From Hell took so long for lift-off and is yet to reach us; he wants it perfect for both parties. 

Those who follow him on social media will have kept up to date with the shaping of the project, but this has made many even more eager for a trailer. Very little is known of the plot, which has obviously fuelled the desire to catch a first thorough glimpse. However, there’s some suspicion…

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As noted by Bloody Disgusting, the film is expected to earn a Fall 2019 release and Zombie has promised the trailer is coming very soon — so are shows. Tickets are available for his show at Glasgow’s 02 Academy, but as most of you will know, he’s headlining the Zippo Encore stage at Download Festival the day after on Friday, June 14. It’s not long to wait at all, and considering he’s promised the trailer soon, could he unveil it right there on stage?

There’d be no better place for it; as many will be avoiding staring at their phones across the weekend it’ll be a welcome surprise to see it up there on stage while surrounded by like-minded fans. Of course, it’s completely speculative, but knowing how much Rob Zombie loves his fans it’s certainly a possibility. Let’s hope it’s true, and if not, we’re sure it’ll still be one great show — and a trailer. 

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