Will MCU's phase 4 reveal Captain America’s encounter with Red Skull?

Avengers: Endgame dir. Anthony and Joe Russo 2019

Fans suspect we may see Captain America encounter an old foe in MCU's phase 4.

Anticipation for MCU's phase 4 has skyrocketed in the wake of Avengers: Endgame's monumental success. The Russo brothers' latest superhero instalment is currently the second highest grossing movie ever made, and it's only a matter of time before it dethrones James Cameron's Avatar

In the immediate aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War, the fourth effort was billed as the must-see movie event of 2019; keeping all of its promises, it looks like almost everyone has flocked to see it. Now, we're all early awaiting Spider-Man: Far From Home, which will pick up where we left off. It's a world without Iron Man, but his symbol lives on to instil hope in our remaining heroes. It's currently uncertain just how much has changed, but the trailer does offer brief expectations. Check it out below:

Endgame left us with many questions, and fortunately Far From Home appears to tease further closure for Spider-Man's loss - along with the others. However, there are some missing pieces that the film is highly unlikely to fill in. It has already been confirmed as the conclusive chapter to MCU's phase 3, ushering in the fourth. So, what will phase 4 have in store?

As you'll know, Captain America made it his mission to return the stones in the last act of Endgame. We saw him vanish, appearing almost instantly as an elderly man; after completing the mission, he lived the life he'd always dreamt of. It was a beautiful and tender moment, but we can't help but retain an interest in how the mission played out. After all, surely he'd have encountered his dreaded nemesis - Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) - while returning the soul stone? In fact, the directors have confirmed it. 

During an interview with Cinema Blend, the Russo's confirmed their reunion. "He would have to encounter Red Skull,” confesses Joe Russo. “Nobody knows what the rules are when you return the Soul Stone,” to which Anthony added, “knowing Red Skull, he probably has a ‘no money back’ policy,” meaning that Black Widow's return wasn't exactly on the cards.

Since Endgame's release, there's been a lot of talk about their potential confrontation. Now it's been confirmed, perhaps we'll witness it in a flashback of some kind in phase 4. It could easily come up if one of the characters references back to Cap's mission; hopefully, we're able to witness how things played out that day on Vormir. 

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