Daenerys Targaryen might not be the all-loving queen we thought she was going to be after all

*Warning: Contains spoilers from Seasons 1-8 of Game of Thrones including the most recent episode*

This week’s episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones saw a huge twist as Daenerys Targaryen, one of the show’s main heroes, took a dark turn and laid waste to the city of King’s Landing in a fiery fit of rage. 

Seeing Daenerys and her dragon destroy Westeros’s capital has left many viewers shocked as the character has always believed in mercy and justice. However, Daenerys’s descent into madness in the penultimate episode of the show has not come out of the blue.

Throughout all eight seasons of the show, there have been hints that Daenerys may not have been the kind and open queen she promised to be and we’re going to take a look at some of these moments now.

1. Her brother’s death

Way back in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, Daenerys was married off to the Dothraki leader Khal Drogo in order for Dany’s brother Viserys to make use of the Dothraki army in an attempt to win back the Iron Throne. 

Viserys never got the chance however, as Khal Drogo killed the last-known male Targaryen by pouring melted gold over his head to give him the crown he so craved. 

Granted, Viserys was a vile person and used Daenerys as little more than bargaining chip but while Viserys is being held down and killed, Dany does nothing to save him and says without a hint of remorse that he is effectively not a true Targaryen.

We may be rooting for Daenerys at the time but her actions are definitely the first hint that she may not be the all-loving queen she promises to be.  

2. Qarth

On the verge of death, Daenerys and her followers stumble to the gates of Qarth in Season 2 and are given safe-haven by the city’s rulers. 

However, matters turn sour when Dany is betrayed and her three young dragons are stolen. 

As revenge, Daenerys locks the newly self-proclaimed King of Qarth in his own vault, leaving him to die in darkness.

Again, we’re still rooting for Dany at this point so her actions seem just but the show definitely didn’t hide the fact that she’s definitely got a thirst for blood.   

3. Acquiring the Unsullied

A season later and Daenerys is starting to build up quite a following. She travels to Astapor with Jorah Mormont and new advisor Barristan Selmy in search of an army. 

What she finds are the Unsullied, an army of slaves raised from infants to become the best soldiers money can buy. 

She supposedly agrees to trade one of her dragons in return for a brand spanking new army.

However, upon gaining control of her new army, she sets her troops on their former masters, uses her dragons to decimate the city and marches off into the sunset.  

4. Killing the masters of Meereen

In Season 4, after liberating both Astapor and Yunkai, two of the cities in Slavers’ Bay, Daenerys and her army head for Meereen, the third city in the bay.

Along the way, Dany finds hundreds of slaves who have been crucified on every mile-post to the city. 

After inevitably winning control of the city, Daenerys bestows the same fate upon the slave masters of Meereen, crucifying hundreds of them in return for their cruelty. 

As the saying goes however, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. While yes, her actions again seem just to a degree, she’s hardly proving herself to be any different from the tyrants who came before her. 

5. Killing the Dothraki Khals

Fast-forwarding to Season 6 now, we find Dany back with the Dothraki after being taken prisoner in the final moments of Season 5. 

Daenerys however, doesn’t take her capture lying down. Instead, she burns all of the Dothraki leaders alive before taking the entire Dothraki horde as her own, adding to her ever-growing army. 

While she never stops preaching about changing the world for the better, Daenerys Targaryen is always willing to spill a few gallons of blood to get what she wants.

6. Learning Jon Snow’s true identity

Finally, we come to the most crucial of all. Mere moments before the army of the dead begin their attack on Winterfell, Jon Snow divulges the truth about his true identity to Daenerys. 

Naturally, Dany is taken aback by the fact that Jon is, in fact, Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne as it makes him a fellow contender, a rival and she can’t handle it, especially when her closest advisors fall in battle or at the hands of Cersei. 

Dany’s single main goal throughout the show’s history was to sit on the Iron Throne and having someone else in the way of that goal does not make her happy in the slightest.

So while Daenerys’s dark and murderous turn may have been shocking to watch, it definitely shouldn’t come as a shock if you’ve been paying close enough attention to the rise of the Dragon Queen. 

The only question that still remains is whether Daenerys will be sitting on the Iron Throne when the credits roll for the final time in next week’s episode.

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