Square Enix’s keyblade pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts 3 are available to buy on the PSN and Xbox Live stores, and they’re not particularly cheap.

Before Kingdom Hearts 3 was launched and turned us all back into ten-year-old Disney fanatics, Square Enix used a bunch of keyblades to entice people to prematurely pre-order Sora’s third numerical adventure. These keyblades are now available on the PSN and Xbox Live stores and they’re not exactly cheap.

After Kingdom Hearts 3 was successfully released, director Tetsuya Nomura and co-director Tai Yasue both teased DLC.

Although the developers haven’t been able to properly comment on if Final Fantasy will be a part of the post-launch content, Square Enix has announced that the DLC package, ReMIND, will feature additional episodes and boss fights.

There’s no release date for the ReMIND DLC, but diehard Kingdom Hearts fans can now replay the game in Critical Mode with the pre-order exclusive keyblades.

Kingdom Hearts 3 keyblade pre-orders are available to buy (and they’re not cheap)

The Kingdom Hearts 3 pre-order exclusive keyblades included Dawn Till Dusk, Phantom Green, and Midnight Blue.

Dawn Till Dusk can be purchased on the PlayStation store for £2.49, and the Phantom Green keyblade is available on the Xbox Live store for £2.39.

Meanwhile, the Midnight Blue keyblade is available on the Japanese PlayStation Network for 324 Yen.

For what is essentially just a bunch of skins, £2.49 and £2.39 are pretty steep. 

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