With E3 right around the corner, Rocksteady’s next video game may have accidentally been revealed as an adaptation of the Justice League.

Rocksteady, the developers of Batman Arkham Asylum, City, and Knight, are preparing to market a “very high profile, triple-A game franchise”, and it may have been accidentally revealed as an adaptation of the Justice League.

In the past, Rocksteady has said they’re not working on a Superman game, meanwhile Warner Bros. Montreal are rumoured to be ones developing the next chapter in the Batman Arkham series.

Back in April, the planned marketing for a “Destiny-style Suicide Squad game” was also supposedly leaked.

While we don’t have any official clues for what Rocksteady is working on next, an individual hired by the company as part of the QA team may have just revealed that it’s the Justice League.

Has Rocksteady’s Justice League game been accidentally revealed?

There were rumours in the past that suggested Rocksteady were continuing their relationship with DC Comics by creating a video game adaptation of the Justice League, and these rumours may have been proven right.

Eddie Stubbington has just been hired by Rocksteady for the QA team, and he expressed his excitement on Twitter with a post that included an image of DC Comics’ finest heroes.

Stubbington later deleted the tweet and posted again with the overused gif of Jonah Hill squealing. The deleted tweet was captured by James Sigfield.

Rocksteady continuing to work within the confines of the DC Universe wouldn’t be surprising to anyone considering the success of their Arkham trilogy, and there’s no denying a Justice League adaptation would be “huge”.

With E3 right around the corner, let’s hope this rumour is true and that Warner Bros. is ready to make the announcement.

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