The Days Gone platinum trophy rewards fans with a theme and avatar. However, to acquire these, gamers must enable marketing e-mails from Sony.

Similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man which provided PlayStation 4 gamers with an avatar, Days Gone rewards thorough bikers with a theme and icon for attaining the platinum trophy.

Days Gone is the PlayStation 4’s newest exclusive, and it’s a solid foundation for a series and studio that could on to do great things in the future.

Sony has said they want it to become a franchise, and a deserved sequel is likely seeing as it’s the year’s biggest launch despite the mostly middling to negative reviews.

The game is huge and admittedly suffers from the open-world genre’s worst tropes, but bikers looking to attain Days Gone’s platinum trophy now have extra motivation as the achievement comes with a theme and avatar.

Days Gone platinum trophy comes with rewards

Days Gone’s trophy list isn’t difficult to 100%, but it is time-consuming. However, if you’re in dire need of extra motivation, the rewards of a theme and avatar set may stop you from giving up.

The Days Gone theme is a mural of the game’s most prominent characters. Included is protagonist Deacon St. John, his best-friend Boozer, Colonel Garret, and missing wife, Sarah.

There’s also an image of Deacon on his motorbike being chased by a colossal horde of World War Z zombies.

Meanwhile, the avatar is Deacon’s face from the PlayStation 4 theme’s mural. If you want to acquire this theme and avatar, you will need to attain the Days Gone platinum trophy, and you must turn on the marketing e-mails from Sony.

To do this, simply go to account notification settings on the PlayStation store and make sure the boxes are checked. If you’ve already unlocked the platinum trophy without allowing Sony to send marketing e-mails to your account, you’re basically screwed as you won’t be sent the redeem codes for the avatar and theme.

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