It looks like Avengers: Endgame has added a post-credits scene ahead of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Let’s set the scene; it’s roughly 03:30 am, and the cinema auditorium is filled to capacity. In awe of the Russo brothers’ stunning achievement, echoes fill the space as audiences wipe away tears and discuss their initial thoughts of Avengers Endgame. Everyone is feeling exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed, yet not one person makes a break for their car to embark on the drive home. All eyes are on the screen, and as the credits inch to a close, the room falls deftly silent. We wait. 

As you’ll know, the MCU decided to break the mould once again. After becoming associated with the ritual of the post-credits scene, the Russo’s decided that this time around it just wasn’t necessary. Honestly, it was actually a great move. Instead of offering audiences a snippet of what comes next, they offered conclusion within the narrative itself. The last act had a lot to wrap up, but the Russo’s patience – and their faith in ours – meant that they could work to satisfy without the aid of a post-credits scene. It makes sense, we just didn’t see it coming. 

Since its release, Endgame has skyrocketed up the box office and now sits comfortably as the second highest grossing movie ever made; perhaps not for long. It’s predicted to overtake James Cameron’s Avatar at the top spot long before it has concluded its theatrical run.

Why? Because it’s a film which simply demands multiple viewings. As mentioned, it’s such a behemoth of a project that dissection and analysis have been ongoing ever since it landed. However, if you head out to see it again soon, you’d better stick around for the post-credits after all…

Deadline reports that the recently unveiled trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home now plays after Endgame‘s credits, giving audiences a taste of the MCU after the loss of Iron Man. If you forget, not to worry, as Tom Holland pops up beforehand to remind audiences to stick around.

It’s a great trailer, and one you’ll want to give plenty of consideration. The forthcoming Spider-Man sequel swings into cinemas July 2, and will conclude the MCU’s phase three, ushering in a mysterious fourth. Let’s see what the universe(s) is like after the endgame. 

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