Sony has revealed the release date and price for the MediEvil Remake, and you can now pre-order the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The MediEvil Remake is available to pre-order now at a massively generous price. Its release date is October 25, and there is a Standard and Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 4 gamers to look out for. 

With the Standard edition priced at only £24.99, the Deluxe alternative is really attractive at just £34.99. Even for those who don’t have the nostalgia, the Deluxe copy is worth picking up as it’s only £10 more and it comes with an art book, a comic book, a PlayStation 4 theme, the soundtrack, and the Super Armour in-game armour set. 

You can pre-order MediEvil by clicking the links below:

Standard Edition 

Deluxe Edition

Original Story:

Next to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7, MediEvil was the most notable game at Sony’s second State Of Play episode. The remake was revived with a trailer that revealed a release date, and – following this – the game’s generous price has supposedly been leaked.

The MediEvil Remake was first announced back in 2017 at PSX and the game had been silent ever since October 2018. However, it has recently re-risen from its grave with a stunning gameplay trailer.

MediEvil Remake release date and price

Sony announced prior to their latest State Of Play livestream that Sir Daniel Fortesque would be the episode’s centrepiece, and the swashbuckling skeleton certainly lived up to expectations.

MediEvil is a “completely remade from the grave up” remake of the original PlayStation 1 experience, and it will be available to play on October 25.

You can check out the gorgeous and mouth-watering trailer below:

Following its release date announcement, Gamestop has listed the remake at $29.99 (via The PlayStation Brahs). This is a great and generous price, especially when you consider the fees Capcom charges for their remakes and ports.

MediEvil is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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