Has “It: Chapter Two” ditched that ending?

It: Chapter Two dir. Andy Muschietti 2019

The It: Chapter Two trailer has finally arrived and speculation is in full swing.

It: Chapter Two is undoubtedly the most anticipated horror movie event of the year and now we've finally caught a glimpse. We've been waiting on a first trailer for so long that Andy Muschietti's 2017 predecessor - It - almost feels like a distant memory. It's clear that the cast and crew have been hard at work, fully aware of the stakes at play here; the previous film is one of the most notable horror releases of recent years and was praised by critics and general audiences alike. 

Although we're ready to witness flashbacks of the Losers' Club in their adolescence, we're thrilled to see new actors taking centre stage to portray the kids as adults. The casting is perfect, with Jessica Chastain (Crimson Peak) tackling the role of Beverly Marsh and Bill Hader playing Richie Tozier. These are just two examples of how well this project has materialised. Check out the trailer below:

The majority of it is taken up by one gradually developed scene, in which Beverly visits her former home and encounters what appears to be Pennywise in treacherous form. It's odd to see a trailer embrace this approach; to dedicate so much time to a slow-burn scare. However, it's clear that Muschietti regards his second chapter as rather prestigious, which makes sense considering the prior entry's popularity, the length of the source material and his own approach to sprawling adaptation. 

It's the second half of the trailer which reveals the goods, in the sense that it offers fans a wealth of intriguing images which foreshadow narrative events. As we expected, there is an emphasis on the sewer — after all, it's the creature's lair. The interconnected tunnels allow It to travel around undetected, although his means of appearing with such ease are a little hazy.

With a film like this though, it really helps to suspend disbelief, as its narrative metaphorically deals with the theme of fear. The word itself - "fear" - was actually the last word that Pennywise spoke in the 2017 film. 

The trailer has encouraged us to ask questions, and numerous glimpses of the sewer have certainly gotten us thinking: will the ending ditch the giant spider? In the 1990 TV-miniseries, the Losers' Club arrives for a final showdown to discover the creature's true form is akin to a cosmic spider. The design left many divided and it was incredibly anticlimactic to see them kicking at it after so much build up.

When a new adaptation was first announced, many hoped that the ending would be ditched for something more satisfying. We're unsure what that would be, as it would be great to maintain the sense of a huge reveal. Sure, Muschietti and the crew could pull it off, but we're hoping - as the 2017 film did - that It: Chapter Two rolls with some pretty crucial deviations. 

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