Speculation of the major MCU phase 4 villain is in full swing.

Who will be the MCU phase 4 villain? Of course, we’re sure there will be numerous villains to appear across Marvel Studios’ forthcoming crop of cinematic endeavours, but who will be its Thanos? Essentially, we’re asking who will be the overarching antagonist of the entire interconnected narrative? We saw Thanos teased across numerous movies, but when Avengers: Infinity War landed in cinemas in 2017 we realised why his foreshadowing was so important. 

Fans had patiently waited to witness the mad titan’s full potential for years, but when his power was finally unleashed he almost instantly became the greatest villain the MCU has seen so far. It’s hard to imagine anyone topping Josh Brolin’s incredible portrayal of the multi-layered Thanos, but if phase 4 is to satisfy then it simply has to go bigger. 

Who could possibly be more threatening and well-rounded than Thanos? It’s hard to imagine, really, but some feel that Avengers: Endgame may have sneakily confirmed the intimidating new face of phase 4. 

Although numerous have pointed it out, Everything Always‘ excellent video is available to watch below and intricately explores the moment many claim foreshadows the immense power of Galactus. 

The name certainly rings a bell, and it should. We’ve actually seen Galactus appear in a Marvel movie before; remember Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer? Unfortunately, the film wasn’t a total success back when it was released in 2007, but it did offer audiences their first glimpse of the powerful cosmic entity.

It’s actually surprising that he hasn’t appeared in the MCU yet, but considering his sheer power, it’s a no-brainer to introduce him at a time when audiences believe things can’t get any grander. To refresh your memory, take a look at the character’s portrayal in Tim Story’s Fantastic 4 sequel below:

Galactus first appeared in Fantastic Four #48, which was published way back in 1966, cooked up by the great minds of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Over the course of comic-book history, he has been depicted as an ultimate, God-like figure, and many even consider him as one of the greatest superhero villains ever conceived. 

The character’s depiction in Rise of the Silver Surfer arguably failed to do him justice, but the MCU could bring the character to life on the screen like never before with the right filmmakers at the helm; this hasn’t exactly been an issue thus far. Hopefully, Everything Always’ analysis of the Endgame New York scene in which Hulk retrieves the time stone is onto something. With Thanos gone, Galactus could raise the stakes even further; how promising. 

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