Persona 5 The Royal news – Mysterious character shares Joker's bed

Persona 5 The Royal Kasumi

Atlus has revealed more news about Persona 5 The Royal, and fans will be happy to hear there's extra confidants, lots of new BGM, and a whole lot more.

Persona 5 The Royal was properly unveiled at Atlus’ Super Live concerts, and the developer has shared more details in an interview with Famitsu. Some of the details enclosed are about the number of new songs, whereas others will have fangirls (and fanboys) squealing about the prospect of the mysterious character (believed to be Human Morgana) sharing the same bed as Joker.

Similar to Persona 4 Golden, The Royal is a soft remake with new features such as an additional Phantom Thief, revamped visuals for the PlayStation 4 pro, and new unique areas to explore in Tokyo.

It releases in 2020 for the west, and it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive (at least Nintendo Switch owners will be able to enjoy Persona 5 Scramble).

In an exclusive interview with Famitsu, Atlus shared more details about their newest entry in the Persona series.

Persona 5 The Royal news – Mysterious character shares Joker's bed

Persona 5 Scramble

Translated by Gematsu, Atlus stated in the interview that The Royal was chosen as the subtitle because the studio wants to express their enthusiasm to create a gorgeous game.

Rather than just adding new features, Atlus has also made it easier to earn XP so players can proceed through the narrative at a better tempo.

One of the most exciting additions is the inclusion of a third semester, and Atlus has said that its volume will go beyond the expectations of those who enjoyed Persona 4 Golden.

Speaking about the new Phantom Thief Kasumi, the Japanese developers shared that she increases the perspective and flavour of the story and that she is someone who will expose existing characters in a new light (she – of course - also has a confidant you can level up).

Maruki is the only other new confidant we know about, but Atlus said there’ll be more and that fans should look out for information in the future.

Persona 5 The Royal Maruki

Fans won’t be able to use their Persona 5 save data to carry over social stats into Persona 5 The Royal, but those who experienced the original will receive some sort of bonus in the soft remake.

Atlus also shared that the mysterious character (believed to be Human Morgana) sleeps in the same bed as Joker during one of the game’s many cutscenes.

Persona 5 The Royal Human Morgana

And those who can’t get enough of Persona 5’s soundtrack will be glad to hear that The Royal includes 20 new BGMs.

You can buy Famitsu's weekly magazine in electronic format by clicking here.

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