Xbox Game Of Thrones teaser – AAA exclusive or limited-edition console?

Game Of Thrones Fire And Blood

Xbox has teased an announcement for Game Of Thrones, and the community is split between it being a AAA exclusive or a limited-edition console.

Game Of Thrones is finally coming to an end (thank the Lord), and Xbox has taken advantage of the show’s popularity by teasing something that has the community speculating about a limited-edition console or a AAA exclusive.

The HBO series has dominated the land of television for nearly ten years, and the diehard fans aren’t happy with how the show is concluding.

Not only was The Long Night a kick to the nuts thanks to there being zero payoff with the Night King being nothing more than a zombie bad guy with no motive, but the series’ lore and story building was completely ignored and left incomplete because the showrunners wanted to “subvert expectations” with Arya.

In addition to that, Jon Snow has become the series’ biggest douche, and Winterfell is now home to a Starbucks café.

While the show has become a shadow of its former self thanks to David Benioff and Dan Weiss no longer being able to hide their mediocrity behind George R.R. Martin, Xbox has given disgruntled fans a glimmer of hope with a vague tease.

Xbox’s Game Of Thrones teaser – AAA exclusive or limited-edition console?

Game Of Thrones Battle Of The Bastards

The Xbox official Twitter account posted the cryptic tease, “And now your wait begins. Stay tuned.”

Accompanying the mysterious tweet is a 12-second clip that showcases fire and the Targaryen sigil.

Some have speculated that this means Xbox is preparing to announce an exclusive prequel to Game Of Thrones, while others believe it’ll simply be a limited-edition console.

We haven’t had a good AAA Game Of Thrones video game, and I don’t think we ever will as the property doesn’t lend itself well to the medium and the RPG genre.

Yet, despite this, an exclusive Game Of Thrones title would be a huge deal and it’d give the Xbox fanboys something to brag about when engaging in the console wars.

However, I highly doubt the announcement is pertaining to a video game, so don't be too disappointed when Microsoft unveil an extremely limited Xbox One console with the Targaryen sigil.

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