Who doesn’t look forward to Tom Hardy movies these days?

There really are so many terrific Tom Hardy movies out there. Over the years he has risen to become one of the most popular screen actors of his generation, always pushing himself to his very limits to capture the essence of his roles. We’ve seen him excel in such films as Bronson, The Revenant, Locke, Legend and many more, but there’s always the sense with hardy that the best is yet to come. 

With such a wide and devoted fanbase, failing to impress is never an option. Thankfully, it looks like he’s already secured a range of diverse projects in the pipeline, so let’s take a brief moment to highlight what the phenomenally talent Tom Hardy has in store for future audiences.

Glancing over his forthcoming endeavours, it looks like we can expect to see Fonzo before the rest. Director Josh Trank (Chronicle) had quite the rough time when he helmed 2015’s Fantastic Four; he was seemingly denied final cut and the film was considered a failure in generally every respect. Media coverage of his disappointment was rife upon its release, but fortunately, he’s back with a film he’s expressed is his best.

It’s an Al Capone biopic with Hardy in the lead role and quite frankly the supporting cast is a triumph. He’ll star alongside the likes of Matt Dillon (The House that Jack Built), Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) and many more. Taking place closer to the end of his life – rather than during his reign – this is sure to be something special and unique. 

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A Venom sequel has also been announced. The 2018 film wasn’t exactly a total hit, but many admired director Ruben Fleischer’s old-school approach to the comic-book-movie formula; it seemed to offer audiences the same experience they’d expect from a comic adaptation in the early 2000s. The popular Spider-Man antagonist fared well at the box-office, so a sequel was inevitable frankly. We can expect Hardy to arrive on set and have as much fun as possible — again, that is. 

In with another sequel, we have Mad Max: The Wasteland, in which we can anticipate Hardy reprising his titular role. Although it’s been announced, very little is know about the project as of yet. Honestly, though, the first film was so exhilarating that even the promise of a follow-up has us incredibly excited. George Miller’s belated 2015 sequel was swiftly hailed as a maniacal masterpiece of action cinema; once again, we’re ready to get crazy. 

We also have War Party on the way, which has been billed as an adventure film centred on navy seals. Currently, it looks like Hardy is the only star attached, but it does have a director. Andrew Dominik will be helming the project and has previously delivered such effective directorial efforts as Chopper, Killing Them Softly and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. 

So, there’s certainly some great stuff to look forward to for Tom Hardy fans. Looking over these varied projects, it’s obvious that he has no desire to compromise his own staggering range — fortunately for him, and us. 

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