Joe Russo has revealed that he wants to direct a Batman movie.

A Joe Russo Batman movie certainly sounds like an enticing proposition. Anthony and Joe Russo recently delivered one of the most groundbreaking blockbusters in cinema history with Avengers: Endgame. The MCU began with 2008’s Iron Man, and across twenty subsequent efforts, more and more characters were introduced to the mix; arriving at Endgame, they’re all here and on glorious form.

It’s a movie so ambitious that it’s literally been over ten years in the making. Considering the build-up and how consistently successful the franchise has been, some predicted that it may fail to deliver. However, the fourth Avengers instalment has completely shattered many box office records and is even predicted to be the highest grossing movie of all time, currently sitting comfortably at number two below James Cameron’s Avatar

In wake of the Russo’s critical and audience hit, it’s fair to say that Hollywood would back any project they tackled in the near future, no matter how ambitious. There’s no real way you can raise the stakes after something like Endgame, but Joe Russo’s latest comments have certainly captured our attention. 

As reported by ScreenRant, he recently revealed during a live Q&A session with Comic Book, that if he were he to helm a DC project, it would preferably be a Batman movie. It’s hardly a concrete announcement by any means, but this reveal may be more exciting than meets the eye. 

At the moment, we’re anticipating a Batman solo movie from Matt Reeves, with a new – as of yet, unconfirmed – actor taking over from Ben Affleck. Since the project’s inception, there has been numerous delays and issues, but nevertheless, it’s still expected to go ahead.

Although the production appears to be plagued with inconveniences, expectations are still high thanks to Christopher Nolan; his The Dark Knight trilogy provided audiences with the most recent string of Batman movies, and after that, you had better approach the character with confidence. Perhaps the delays are actually a sign of wise caution. 

Since Zack Snyder‘s questionable treatment of the caped crusader in Justice League, the Batman franchise has fallen under speculation. At the moment, it’s almost impossible to predict how Reeves’ film will turn out, but there is hope in the fact that he’s a very accomplished blockbuster filmmaker.

Nevertheless, now that Joe Russo has expressed a degree of interest, it’s not a concept worth ruling out. Of course, if it were to materialise it wouldn’t be for many years, but who cares, the sheer possibility is exciting enough. 

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