The physical sales for Days Gone show it’s the year’s biggest launch, but it also sold nearly 40% less than the PlayStation 4’s Horizon Zero Dawn.

Days Gone is the PlayStation 4’s newest exclusive, and – although it’s the year’s biggest launch title – its physical sales show it sold 38.8% fewer copies than Sony’s other first-party open-world game, Horizon Zero Dawn.

Bend Studio’s biggest project to date has been heavily scrutinised for its technical issues and because it doesn’t criticise Deacon’s selfish behaviour.

The game’s ending has also been lambasted, with certain outlets arguing that its “twist” ruins all its character development.

However, the game’s average to negative review scores hasn’t stopped Days Gone from being the year’s biggest launch. But, although that is mightily impressive considering it’s only on one platform compared to Kingdom Hearts 3 and Resident Evil 2, it has still sold nearly 40% less than Horizon Zero Dawn.

Days Gone has sold 38.8% fewer copies than Horizon Zero Dawn

Per MCV, Days Gone is April’s best-selling game in the UK, and it is also the nation’s biggest launch.

While this is impressive, its physical sales were not on par with Sony’s usual performances; Days Gone sold 38.8% fewer copies than Horizon Zero Dawn did at launch back in 2017.

The rise of digital likely means this decline in sales is probably not as bad as depicted, but it’s still somewhat noteworthy as Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn was also an open-world game and a new IP for Sony.

Sony has provided a necessary reminder that not everyone hates Days Gone and that the disconnect between gamers and journalists isn’t as big as it seems. Fans of Bend Studio shouldn’t be concerned about the game’s performance and its future as it’s still the year’s biggest launch, and Sony has said they want it to be a franchise.