Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC might be shown off at E3 2019, but fans will also not want to miss out on Square Enix’s cute Funko Pop! figure.

Square Enix is taking up Sony’s annual time slot at E3 2019, and – to further ride Kingdom Hearts 3’s success – the company is releasing an event exclusive Funko Pop! figure.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was released back in January, and it has gone on to become the series’ best selling installment in the U.S.

Although fans were understandably miffed about Square Enix’s decision to make the game easy to appeal to a new audience, the hardcore community has since been satisfied with Critical Mode.

Tetsuya Nomura recently announced that DLC titled ReMIND is coming, and a now a leak has shown that Square Enix is releasing a Kingdom Hearts Funko! Pop figure at this year’s E3.

Square Enix is releasing a cute E3 exclusive Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop!

DisFunko, a popular source for everything Funko, has shared hi-res images of a bunch of Pop! figures exclusive to this year’s E3.

The collection includes The Witcher 3’s Ciri, Gears Of War’s Kait Diaz, Overwatch’s Hanzo and Kenji, and Kingdom Hearts’ Sora in Lion form.

No price is mentioned, but the post notes that they’ll be released around June 11 and that Kait Diaz is the only limited piece exclusive.

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