Sony’s accolades trailer for Days Gone is a helpful reminder that not every outlet hates the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Bend Studio’s Days Gone hasn’t received the gushing reviews you’d expect from a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but Sony’s accolades trailer is a helpful reminder that not everyone hates it.

Days Gone currently has a 71 on Metacritic, which is well below The Last Of Us’ 95 and God Of War’s 94.

Most of the complaints have been about the game’s technical shortcomings, and about Deacon being a selfish jerk whose behaviour isn’t criticised

I strongly believe that Deacon didn’t need a character arc like The Last Of Us’ Joel and that Days Gone was unfairly scrutinised due to not being as revolutionary and profound as other PS4 exclusives, so – for me at least – the accolades trailer is a nice reminder that not everyone hates Bend Studio’s biggest project to date.

Sony reminds you that not everyone hates Days Gone

The accolades trailer can be found below:

It includes positive quotes about the beautiful open-world and “captivating story” from Hardcore Gamer, Bleacher Report, GamesRadar, and Escapist Magazine.

Only 30-seconds long, the trailer concludes with an image showing some of the game’s 9/10s and 4/5s.

Some of Days Gone’s low review scores have angered fans and made them believe there’s a disconnect between journalists and themselves, but the accolades trailer is a necessary reminder that not every outlet hates the Sons Of Anarchy x World War Z experience.

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