Will MCU phase 4 deliver Mark Ruffalo's Hulk solo movie?

Avengers: Endgame dir. Anthony and Joe Russo 2019

In wake of Avengers: Endgame, it may finally be time for Mark Ruffalo's Hulk solo movie.

We've been waiting so long for Mark Ruffalo to star in a Hulk solo movie. When The Avengers released in 2012, audiences quickly declared Ruffalo's portrayal far better than both Edward Norton and Eric Bana's. These two actors took centre-stage in the previous two Hulk solo attempts, but it was the most recent screen incarnation which struck a chord with general audiences. We've seen Ruffalo reprise the character numerous times throughout the MCU, and yet, we haven't seen him receive his own solo effort. 

Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man all boast three respective solo films, and although Ruffalo's Hulk arrived slightly later than these heroes, it still remains quite baffling that they haven't given him his own film. Perhaps the Studios feel that audiences will be disinterested, considering we've had two previous attempts. Then again, his performance has been so appealing that it's hard to believe the project would be met with anything but excitement. 

He's been an asset to the Avengers films from the very start, but in Avengers: Endgame, fans truly felt that Hulk reached his most crowd-pleasing stage. In terms of the character's evolution, he's exactly where he should be. Arguably, this makes it the perfect time for him to break away from the fold and star in a solo effort, not that he'd be strictly alone. 

The most recent solo efforts have worked better when a familiar face has dropped in. Captain America: Civil War featured numerous familiar faces and debuted Tom Holland's Spider-Man, and yet, there's no question that it's Cap's film. Iron Man soared in for Spider-Man: Homecoming and  Hulk himself dropped in for Thor: Ragnarok, and yet, the supporting heroes never overshadow the protagonist. Hulk wouldn't be alone in his solo vehicle, but, he would be the star of the show. 

Ruffalo has undoubtedly reached a point with the character which warrants him to take the next step. There's so much potential for phase four to finally take the plunge and develop a Hulk project, yet this time, it's sure to be no misfire. If the forthcoming phase has any grand surprises in store, please let this be one of them. 

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