The Renew Party have donated six candidates to run under the Change UK banner in this month’s European Elections.

Haseeb Ur-Rehman and Colin McFadyen have become the fifth and sixth Renew Party members to be selected as candidates for Change UK in the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections.

The Renew Party has formed a temporary alliance with Change UK – formerly known as The Independent Group – ahead of the European Elections on May 23.

Both parties have grouped together for the same cause: to promote their pro-Remain agenda. With Brexit still far from resolved, the European Elections are set to go ahead and Change UK hope that success in late May can be the springboard for calling a second referendum.

Change UK names 4 Renew Party members on initial list

Renew, which existed prior to TIG’s formation, have now donated six MEP candidates to Change UK.

Initially, four were selected to stand in the European Elections under the Change UK banner, including Renew leader Annabel Mullin (London).

Heather Astbury (Scotland), June Davies (Wales) and Joshua Malkin (Yorkshire and the Humber) were the other three Renew members selected.

After agreeing an alliance with Change UK for the European Elections, Ms Mullin said: 

“In working with our friends at Change UK, Renew has proven that we are prepared to do politics differently. All pro-European voices must leave tribal party loyalties behind if our vote is to be as strong as possible in May. Now is the time to be working together. With this alliance, we are doing just that.

“Our network of activists, members, and supporters will provide the grassroots support that Change UK needs to be a successful force in the coming months. We are proud of our people and the high energy they will bring to the individual campaigns of our European candidates.

“Ordinary people doing extraordinary things is the future of politics. Renew is proud to be at the forefront of that revolution with Change UK”.

Renew Party names two more candidates

Since the initial announcement, two more Renew members have been selected by Change UK. This includes Mr McFadyen, who joins Ms Astbury in contention to become an MEP for Scotland.

The other candidate is Mr Ur-Rehman. He has replaced Ali Sadjady on Change UK’s list of candidates in London after some old tweets were unearthed.

Mr Sadjady previously tweeted that he could consider voting for Brexit because of ‘Romanian pickpockets’. He dropped out of the running for the European Elections after these tweets emerged.

Mr Ur-Rehman has replaced him as one of Change UK’s eight London candidates. The reputed financial lawyer has an interest in regional economic policy, addressing income inequality and sustainable development.

A spokesperson for the Renew Party told us:

Haseeb is one of Renew’s earliest-approved candidates and an active member of the party. As a dedicated pro-European, Haseeb will be an excellent ambassador for Change UK in the upcoming EU elections and hopes to bring his specialist legal knowledge to matters of state at the European level.”