God Of War creator is designing a single-player horror game

God Of War Helios Head Rip

The creator of the God Of War series is “attempting something new with in-game storytelling” for a single-player horror experience.

The creator of God Of War and Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, teased earlier in April that he is working on a story focused and budgeted 3-4 hours single-player game because that’s the sort of experience he’s dying for as a gamer.

Jaffe’s announcement received tepid interest at best, but perhaps the news that his single-player project is a horror game will make more people curious.

Although the details about the project are vague, Jaffe says that it is “attempting something new with in-game storytelling,” and that he is “in love with it.”

Jaffe confesses that he doesn’t have any funding for the project as no one has seen it and that he is unsure about whether people will embrace or loathe it when he introduces it to the world.

However, despite the lack of knowing being “stressful and scary,” Jaffe is adamant that he will “push thru the fear and keep going.”

The original God Of War trilogy greatly pales in comparison to what Cory Barlog achieved with the series’ soft reboot, but Jaffe did win a BAFTA Game Award for best story and character for God Of War 2.

With Jaffe being a vocal critic of long games and AAA repetitiveness, here’s hoping that his seemingly ambitious 3-4 hour project becomes a reality and succeeds in being innovative and unforgettable like Inside and Limbo.

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