The skills you should get first to make survival in Days Gone easier on Hard mode.

Days Gone hasn’t received the best reviews thanks primarily to its technical issues and the fact it’s not a daddy and child road trip Oscar bait, but it’s still a great PlayStation 4 exclusive Sony should be proud of.

One of the highlights of Days Gone is its gameplay. While it initially starts off quite difficult on Hard mode, the experience naturally becomes easier as you spend more time in the open-world fending off Freakers, Rippers, and just very bad people.

In addition to getting more accustomed to the game’s open-world rules and its plethora of features, Days Gone is also made easier by players getting the right skills first.

The following skills don’t break the game by making it too easy and no longer daunting, as they instead make Days Gone a tad easier while still keeping the challenge.

Days Gone – the skills you should get first

Tier I skills


Before improving Deacon’s physical attributes, the first couple Tier I skills you should attain come from the Survival category.

Thorn In Your Side

Like Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, the crossbow is your best friend in Days Gone thanks to stealth being fundamental to Deacon’s chances of survival. Not only does the silent crossbow spare you from being spotted by human enemies, but the lack of noise also prevents Freakers and zombie werewolves and bears from being attracted to where you’re fighting. This makes eliminating enemy camps so much easier.

To fully take advantage of the crossbow, you’ll want to immediately attain the Thorn In Your Side skill so you can reclaim ammo from corpses and not have to waste your scrap and Cedar Saplings to create arrows.


The Hawkeyed skill displays plants on the mini-map. Seeing as the crossbow is your best friend, you’ll want this skill to know where to harvest Cedar splinters for arrows.


Focus shot

Although I recommend being stealthy and sticking to your crossbow as much as possible, there are certain situations in which combat is unavoidable. In these moments, you’ll desperately need the focus shot skill as – at least on hard mode – the enemies tend to soak up bullets. If you have the focus shot skill, it’s much easier to kill Freakers, Rippers, and goons swiftly with precise headshots.

Tier II Skills


Talk Shit, Get Hit

Once you attain the aforementioned Tier I skills, you’ll simply want to purchase any two skills from the melee section so you can unlock its Tier II options and the Talk Shit, Get Hit attribute.

Speaking specifically from a Hard mode perspective, melee in Days Gone is tiresome thanks to enemies being able to take a hundred blows to the face and body before being KO’d. However, once you purchase the Talk Shit, Get Hit skill, it becomes much more enjoyable as enemies typically die after three hits rather than ten.


Green Thumb

Thanks to equipping Thorn In Your Side and Hawkeyed, you’ll have already unlocked the Tier II skills for the Survival category. Before purchasing anything else, you’ll want to unlock the Green Thumb skill as it doubles the number of plants you collect.

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