When will we get an “Avengers: Endgame” extended cut?

Avengers: Endgame dir. Joe and Anthony Russo 2019

Fans are already hoping for an Avengers: Endgame extended cut, but will we get one?

Who wouldn't want to see an Avengers: Endgame extended cut? The film is smashing box-office records and is currently becoming one of the most widely praised blockbusters ever made. Audiences continue to flock to cinemas, whether it's for multiple viewings or to catch it for the very first time. In a month, it'll be hard to envision anyone with even a passing interest in cinema not having seen it. 

Daily updates continue to flood in, announcing its continuous achievements. After Avengers: Infinity War, it looked like the MCU had peaked, but Endgame managed to pull off the impossible and deliver audiences something shocking, entertaining and dizzyingly ambitious. It comes in at just over three hours in length, and yet, audiences are interested in seeing more. 

With so many characters and over a decade of build-up, three hours doesn't exactly seem too excessive. It could definitely have been longer, and thanks to Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy it wouldn't have been unheard of. One of the film's greatest triumphs is its pacing; sometimes leisurely, and other times downright jolting. It's just so admirably put together, with an emphasis on fan-service in particular. However, there are surely so many scenes that they left on the cutting room floor, which MCU devotees hope to see in the near future. 

As reported by ScreenRant, Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely recently spoke to The New York Times, admitting that the battle sequence which takes up a great portion of the third act was originally much longer. "We wrote and shot an even much longer battle, with its own three-act structure," confesses Markus. Although their vision for the structure of the battle didn't quite materialise in the theatrical cut, a lot of material we didn't see has indeed been filmed. 

It's wise to assume that the Russo's film was cut down to three-hours from a far lengthier first cut. However, MCU fans are definitely intrigued to see what else was worthy enough to shoot, despite it not being deemed important enough to make the theatrical cut.

Hopefully, an extended version of the film surfaces someday, but at the moment it doesn't appear there are any plans to release something of this sort. It's still incredibly early into its lifespan though, so who knows...

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