Days Gone initially had good and bad choices such as shooting Leon or letting the Freakers kill him.

Days Gone has just been released, and – unfortunately – it hasn’t received the type of reviews you’d expect from a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The most common complaints amongst critics are about the technical issues and sparse open-world, but something that might disappoint gamers is there being zero good and bad choices.

Somewhat similar to Mass Effect, Days Gone was initially intended to provide numerous good and bad decisions for players to make as Deacon.

Sadly, the system obviously never made it into the final cut.

The system’s removal is understandable as Days Gone’s story is lengthy and intended to be meaningful, but it’s still a tad disappointing.

Bend Studio removed good and bad choices from Days Gone

Bend Studio’s decision to tighten the narrative and provide players with fewer choices wasn’t made at the last second, yet it’s still noticeable.

As talked about by Game Revolution, the first sequence in the final version of Days Gone has players pursuing a rogue named Leon. This chase sequence concludes with Deacon mercifully killing Leon so he doesn’t feel the pain of a dozen Freakers ripping him to shreds.

In an alpha gameplay video from May 2018 by Game Informer, the same chase culminated with a choice for players to make. They could have taken the final cut’s route by shooting Leon, or they could have let him live to be the victim of a Freaker orgy. I know what I would’ve picked.

It’s unclear as to what the consequences of choices such as these would’ve been, yet – for some – the removal of them will still be greatly disappointing.

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