Square Enix has finally added Critical Mode and New Game Plus to Kingdom Hearts 3 via updates 1.04 and 1.05.

One of the biggest issues with Kingdom Hearts 3 is that Square Enix purposefully made it easy to attract a new audience. However, Critical Mode has now arrived, so the hardcore originals can enjoy Kingdom Hearts 3: Sora Dies Thrice.

In addition to the arrival of Critical Mode, Square Enix has also added New Game Plus.

Critical Mode and New Game Plus come via a free 692 MB update on the PlayStation 4.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode and New Game Plus details

The update for Critical Mode and New Game Plus comes via updates 1.04 and 1.05. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Update 1.04

  • Adds Critical Mode with new abilities.
  • Some enemy mechanics have been adjusted.
  • Treasures obtained in the Frozen slider minigame now appear in the Gummiphone.
  • Already synthesized items have a check mark next to them in the mog shop.
  • Various issues have been fixed.

Critical Mode’s new abilities:

  • Critical Counter
  • Critical Recharge
  • Critical Converter

Update 1.05

  • Various issues have been fixed
  • 200 photos can now be saved
  • Keyblades and other elements can be carried over to New Game Plus (keyblades will not be powered up).

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