Bend Studio is giving Days Gone a Survival difficulty mode in June, and it’ll be the game’s most immersive option similar to The Last Of Us’ on Grounded.

Days Gone is super close to being released, but those who want more than a “survival lite” experience may want to wait until June as that’s when Bend Studio is adding a difficulty mode similar to The Last Of Us’ Grounded.

The reviews for Sony’s newest exclusive will be out tomorrow, but – judging by the positive previews and the insane amount of detail with the open-world – I think it’s safe to prematurely say that the PlayStation 4 has another excellent exclusive.

Deacon’s motorcycle is a being that players will have to manage like horses in Red Dead Redemption 2, there’s a colossal amount of Freaker hordes, and it isn’t just another zombie game.

In addition, Bend Studio will be adding free challenges and a Survival difficulty mode in June.

Days Gone will get The Last Of Us’ Grounded Mode treatment in June

Per the official PlayStation blog, Days Gone is getting a Survival difficulty mode that improves immersion by removing fast travel, maps and indicators, and survival vision.

This is similar to the Grounded Mode Naughty Dog included in The Last Of Us to remove Joel and Ellie’s Detective Vision.

Honestly speaking, this additional mode has me excited. The Last Of Us is meant to be played on Grounded as it’s the most realistic and rewarding experience, and I’m sure Survival mode will be the same for Days Gone.

As if the free addition of Survival difficulty wasn’t exciting enough, Days Gone will also be updated with more challenges and trophies for players to unlock.

All of this content will be added to Days Gone in June.

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