Atlus’ has just announced the western release date for Persona 5 The Royal.

Atlus has just unveiled Persona 5 The Royal on the first night of their Persona Super Live concert, and the stunning trailer was accompanied by a release date.

As pretty much everyone expected, Persona 5 The Royal is a soft remake comparable to Persona 4: Golden (but way more advanced).

It features a new Phantom Thief (the red-headed girl everyone was hoping would be a female MC), and it also has a third semester, new areas to explore, and a new social link.

Its release date is October 31 in Japan, and it’ll release in the west and Asia in 2020.

Persona 5 S and its “new Phantom Thieves” will be unveiled tomorrow, and you can find the appropriate Niconico and Periscope stream links by clicking here.