A glitch for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PlayStation 4 allows players to explore the out of bounds areas of Scala Ad Caelum.

Square Enix is pleasing the hardcore fans by adding Critical Mode to Kingdom Hearts 3 through a free update, but – in other news – a YouTuber has showcased a glitch that allows players to freely explore Scala Ad Caelum.

Despite its few weaknesses, Kingdom Hearts 3 is an excellent game that fans will definitely want to relive with Critical Mode.

Square Enix has admitted that the base game was purposefully made easy to attract a new audience, but Critical Mode will satisfy the hardcore originals by adding new abilities and giving Ratatouille’s Remy an actual purpose.

While the thought of having to endure Monsters, Inc. and 100 Acre Wood once more with Critical Mode is terrifying, the worlds that make another playthrough exciting include Tangled, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and Scala Ad Caelum.

Scala Ad Caelum is admittedly smaller in comparison, but a glitch on the PlayStation 4 allows players to freely explore all of its islands.

Kingdom Hearts 3 glitch lets you freely explore Scala Ad Caelum

Unlike Toy Story, Big Hero 6, Frozen, and the other Disney and Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3, Scala Ad Caelum is a Square Enix original destination like Twilight Town.

It’s the final world players visit after defeating Organization XIII and confronting Master Xehanort at the Keyblade Graveyard.

Latin for Stairway to Heaven, Scala Ad Caelum is perhaps the most visually impressive locale in the entire game. There are a dozen pyramid towns above the ocean and everything is lathered in a striking white.

Naturally, all players wanted to do was explore each and every one of its islands. While Square Enix didn’t intend on that being possible, YouTuber 13th Vessel has showcased a glitch that allows players to visit every little nook and cranny.

In other Kingdom Hearts 3 news, the game will be a part of the Summer Games Done Quick charity event on June 23-30.