While most people believe the PlayStation 5 will launch at a price between $400 and $500, one analyst reckons it’ll be as much as the PlayStation 4 was.

Sony recently shared the first details about the PlayStation 5 and what it will boast, and the most prominent question gamers have is about its launch price.

In an exclusive interview with WIRED, Sony’s Mark Cerny revealed that the PS5 will feature an SSD that kills loading times.

He also announced that the next-gen console is backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games.

This – of course – sounds great, but PlayStation loyalists are concerned about the price Sony will settle on as the PS3’s initial failure was down to an obscene launch fee.

While most people are hoping the PS5 will be priced between $400 and $500, one analyst reckons it’ll be as expensive as the PS4 was at launch.

Analyst reckons the PS5 launch price will be same as PS4’s

Mark Cerny said that the PS5’s launch price will be appealing to gamers, but that was a purposefully vague statement.

An appealing price to gamers varies from person to person, but Pelham Smithers of the Pelham Smithers Associates market research firm believes that the PS5 will launch at $399 as the PS4 did.

According to Smithers (via WIRED), the PS5 will likely utilise the AMD Ryzen 3600G CPU. This CPU will likely retail for somewhere around $180 to $220 by the end of 2019, so it’d be at the right prince range for a console that costs $399.

Because it needs to be said, Smithers’ prediction doesn’t mean that the PS5 will actually launch at $399. Most analysts believe the price point will be about $499, but we won’t properly know until Sony makes an announcement.

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