A live-service Suicide Squad seems likely and a Superman adaptation has been craved for years, but an Aquaman game would be superior to both.

There have been endless rumours of a Superman game for years and now Rocksteady is supposedly planning to reveal a live-service and multiplayer Suicide Squad on June 4. While this is exciting news for the DC Comics community, I’d much rather have an Aquaman game. I’m dead serious.

Marvel is planning a video game universe, so it’s only natural that Warner Bros. and DC Comics are planning to compete with their archnemesis.

Batman: Arkham Crisis starring The Court Of Owls is said to be in development with Warner Bros. Montreal, whereas DC Comics’ Suicide Squad is rumoured to be Rocksteady’s “very high profile, triple-A game franchise.”

The small number of Superman fans won’t stop begging for their wonder boy to get his very own video game, but Rocksteady has repeatedly said they’re not making one.

Regardless of what’s being made and by whom, I’m pretty stubborn about believing an Aquaman game would be superior.

Superman sucks

Before briefly explaining the obvious reasons why I crave an Aquaman video game, I just want to first say that Superman sucks. Unless there’s a Justice League or a crossover, there’s no video game with him in it that I’d want to buy. Yes, he can fly and roast people’s nuts off with his eyes, but he’s just boring and uncool.

In both comic books and movies (new and old), he’s the least captivating member of the Justice League. His ideology is outdated, his design is about as bland as it can get, and his only weakness all the time is Kryptonite. The only thing DC Comics and Warner Bros. have done to make him more appealing is turning his suit a darker shade of blue, and even then they immediately reverted back in Zack Snyder’s Justice League flop.

Unless you drastically overhaul the character’s look and behaviour, there’s just no way Superman will ever be appealing as a good guy. That’s why NetherRealm wisely made him a baddie for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Atlantis would be a unique setting

Okay, now that I’ve mentioned why I don’t want a Superman game (he sucks), I will now vouch for an Aquaman title. The most obvious reason for wanting an Aquaman video game is the unique setting of Atlantis. Unless I’m wildly mistaken, there hasn’t been an open-world video game underwater before, so I’d much rather see that than another on the surface where all you can do is fly. Marvel’s Spider-Man and even Rocksteady’s Batman (to an extent) have pretty much already made flying in video games a reality, so I’d like to experience an underwater locale.

Plus, it’d be neat to live amongst the fishes rather than human clones we’ve seen in a dozen open-world games stretching from InFamous to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Aquaman’s world is full of visual possibilities thanks to the comic books and specifically James Wan’s sci-fi depiction, and there’s an extensive variety of plausible enemy types.

Creating an open-world Atlantis would be more difficult than Metropolis and Gotham, but done right it would be an unforgettable achievement. And, as proven by the movie because I don’t read the comic books, an Aquaman game would be able to take place on land as well as underwater, whereas Superman would touch the sea with his tippy toes and immediately die like John Marston.

It’d have to be Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman

For an Aquaman game to succeed, it’d have to be Jason Mamoa’s version rather than the blonde tool everyone laughs at. Unlike Henry Cavill with Superman, Mamoa succeeded in turning his laughingstock of a character into a hypnotisingly cool hunk that both women and men equally adore. Although it’s possible for the comic books, in video games and movies there’s no convincing the mainstream audience that the classic portrayal is superior to Mamoa’s.

When you compare Injustice’s Aquaman to Jason Mamoa’s, there’s only one dude people will want to stick around with.

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