Hellboy hasn’t exactly been received with open arms but Milla Jovovich has her own predictions.

Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot has pretty much been a total disaster. Both audiences and critics have struggled to identify the film’s merits, declaring it a total step down from Guillermo del Toro’s former adaptation.

The Academy Award-winning filmmaker behind such gems as The Shape of Water and Pan’s Labyrinth brought the iconic Dark Horse Comics antihero to the screen in 2004, and the film was rewarded with a sequel in 2008. The sequel set things up for a third instalment, but sadly, the project failed to materialise. Instead, Marshall rebooted it in the vein of such R-rated superhero flicks as Deadpool. 

Sadly, Marshall’s attempts to jumpstart a new superhero series have been in vain. Although the recent film has teased a potential sequel, it’s hard to envision one coming into being. It currently holds a crushing 15% on Rotten Tomatoes and a measly Metascore of 31%; sequel plans will likely be dismissed once the film concludes its disappointing theatrical run. There’s no doubt that it’s been the biggest misfire of the year so far, but one of the film’s stars believes it will have a glorious afterlife. 

Milla Jovovich – who plays The Blood Queen – recently posted on Instagram, expressing her belief that critical hostility will fail to condemn Hellboy for good. The actress raises some good points and backs herself up with numerous examples. Check out the post below:

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It’s great to see the stars sticking up for the film, as they’re all within their rights to convey just how confident they are with the work they’ve done despite the negativity. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but the general opinion does seem to suggest that Hellboy will be forgotten sooner than later. Then again, there’s definitely potential for the film to be reevaluated by audiences and Dark Horse Comics enthusiasts later on in its lifespan. If Jovovich highlights anything here, it’s that theatrical release is only one hurdle in determining a film’s success. 

It’s true that many cult films have been dismissed at the box office, as most tend to be rediscovered following home distribution. It’s hard to predict if this will be the case for Hellboy, but there’s definitely reason in what Jovovich is saying. The best Marshall can hope for is that his film will be looked back on in the future as dumb fun, or perhaps a work which refused to take itself too seriously during the golden age of superhero cinema. Only time will tell…

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