Days Gone file size is huge compared to other PlayStation 4 exclusives

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The file size for Days Gone shows Bend Studio’s upcoming project is one of the PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusives.

Days Gone is right around the corner and PlayStation 4 gamers will need to free up some space as its file size is huge compared to Sony’s other exclusives.

Bend Studio’s upcoming title features a massive open-world and a dozen Freaker hordes, so its extensive file size isn’t all that surprising.

The ambitious title is a “pretty hard” game that forces players to learn and adapt, and the voice and motion actor for Deacon has said Bend Studio’s contribution to Sony’s first-party line-up kept getting bigger instead of smaller.

Days Gone file size is huge compared to other PlayStation 4 exclusives

Days Gone 5

Massive file sizes aren’t alien to PlayStation 4 gamers as last October’s Red Dead Redemption 2 took up a whopping 100GB. However, while Days Gone’s file size is smaller than Rockstar’s astronomical sequel, it’s still significantly bigger than some of Sony’s other PlayStation 4 exclusives.

Per PlayStation Lifestyle, the digital version of Days Gone will take up 67GB on the PlayStation 4. Yes, this is notably smaller than Red Dead Redemption 2, but it’s also bigger than Horizon Zero Dawn (40GB), God Of War (45GB), and Marvel’s Spider-Man (45GB).

In other Days Gone news, reviews from media outlets will be released one day before the game’s launch, and here’s a graphics comparison that shows how much the project has visually been upgraded since 2016.

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