“Child’s Play” remake — Chucky new image reactions are divided

Child's Play dir. Lars Klevberg 2019

Mark Hamill's Chucky has been revealed, fuelling more uncertainty for the forthcoming Child's Play remake.

The Child's Play remake has been approached with scepticism ever since its announcement. Chucky the killer doll is one of the most iconic and beloved slashers in horror cinema history and his journey has been curious, to say the least. He first appeared in Tom Holland's 1988 film Child's Play, which favoured a sinister and genre-embracing tone. The next two instalments took a similar approach, but a decade after the original, the series was pretty much reinvented. 

Bride of Chucky remains a significant cult hit and one of the most noteworthy films under the Child's Play banner. The film was a horror-comedy - emphasis on the comedy - and saw Chucky reluctantly team up with a bickering partner. It's definitely one of the highlights of the series, but fans were rather hostile to the next instalment, Seed of Chucky. The latter misfire resulted in a brief absence, followed by a string of low-budget efforts which attempted to take series back to its roots. Unfortunately, they were forgettable and bland. It's been quite a while since Chucky has reached mainstream audiences on the big screen, but come June 21, 2019, he'll return in a brand new reboot. 

Aubrey Plaza will star in this Lars Klevberg-directed reimagining of the classic horror film. The trailer teases a similar plot with a major deviation; the nature of our antagonist has adjusted with the times. Klevberg's vision doesn't conform to the original when it comes to Chucky, as the impression we've been given is that he's a technologically advanced smart toy. Laser imagery in the footage foreshadows a host of alarming features, but in terms of design, the doll's never looked friendlier. 

The killer doll will be voiced this time around by the exceptionally talented Mark Hamill. He's actually a really terrific choice, but it seems that the voice-casting isn't the issue. Numerous fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the new Buddi look; not all of these thoughts have been positive. Let's take a look at some on Twitter:

Potential audiences seem pretty split, but fortunately, a new trailer is due very soon to give us a more definitive impression of Hamill's new take. It's totally reasonable to have reservations, but it's hard to make a complete judgement without having the visuals accompanied by Hamill's voice-work. Of course, it's crucial to have the right look, but it's the sinister, confident voice which lends the doll any sense of true terror. 

The reveal hasn't exactly struck a chord with everyone, but it's likely that the majority of those disappointed with the new design will change their minds once they've seen him in action. Child's Play exhibits great potential, and if it's a box-office success, we could see the series undergo a cinematic resurgence, escaping the clutches of its straight-to-DVD demise. 

In other news, Jennifer Lawrence has a new film on the way after Dark Phoenix.

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