"Avengers: Endgame" final trailer and leak — who dies and who lives?

Avengers Thanos

With a new trailer and fresh leaks from the final Avengers movie, questions over Infinity War's on and off-screen deaths remain.

With the final trailer for Avengers: Endgame now out in the world ahead of the film’s April 25 release, leaked footage having made its way online, and news that Mark Ruffalo filmed a Hulk death scene for Infinity War, more clues than ever now abound about who in the MCU survived Thanos’ snap and which characters (sadly or otherwise) turned to dust in the wind.

For those lucky enough to have cast those rending final scenes of Infinity War (and that one acutely sickening line from Tom Holland) from their mind, the handy – see also: devastating and spoiler heavy – video below contains every recorded death from the film. 

There are, of course, a whole host of MCU characters, both major and minor, whose fates are not covered on-screen. So, away from the action and putting aside what we know – or at least what we think we know – for sure, which of our favourite heroes and villains were dusted? 

The final trailer, released April 16 and which you can watch below, shows Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Captain Marvel, Rocket, War Machine, Ant-Man, Nebula, Black Widow and Hawkeye, all together and all seemingly in tact, but much of its two-and-a-half minutes is taken up with footage from previous Marvel movies – a reminder of how we got here, the presumed end of the Avengers franchise as we know it. 

Despite having apparently filmed opposing takes (one in which he dies and one in which he doesn't) for the ending of Infinity War, it seems safe to assume that Bruce Banner is alive and well. And, while that probably means The Hulk is tucked away safely somewhere inside the good doctor, some theories have suggested that the big guy has actually gone for good – leaving only puny Banner to take on Thanos. And, on the opposite side of things, it seemed pretty clear that Tom Hiddleston's Loki bit the dust before he had the chance to become dust himself – but, then again, we've fallen for that one before. 

Gamora was killed by Thanos in return for the Soul Stone, but theories suggest that the Guardian – who also happens to be the Titan's adopted daughter – may well be making a return. Confirmed by director Joe Russo, it seems that – rather than having her life sacrificed in exchange for the infinity stone – Gamora is trapped inside the powerful gem. Whether she'll find her way out is another thing entirely. 

Elsewhere pre-dusting, Idris Elba's Heimdall and Paul Bettany's Vision met untimely ends in defence of the universe. As with everything else, both seem fairly conclusive, but – with the tools to warp not only space and time but also life and death already firmly established and firmly strapped to Thanos' wrist – as far as Endgame is concerned, and although we've already been told for sure that not everyone who died will be making a return – more or less anything is possible in the MCU right now. 

Could recently leaked footage from Avengers: Endgame offer more insight into who will still be with us when the movie opens on April 25? Possibly. But wouldn't you rather wait and find out for sure? 

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