An anonymous developer for a PlayStation 5 launch title says Grand Theft Auto 6 has a holiday 2020 release date.

According to an anonymous “European developer” who is supposedly working on a AAA launch title for the PlayStation 5, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6 has a holiday 2020 release date.

Since the launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 back in 2013, nothing official has been said about the inevitable sixth installment.

There were job listings a while back that hinted at Rockstar making Grand Theft Auto 6 and Bully 2 for the next-generation, and there have been rumours about its narrative taking players to Miami and South America.

But these are just rumours rather than anything official, and the latest to circulate around the internet should be received with massive skepticism.

Rumour says Grand Theft Auto 6 will release in 2020

Posted on Pastebin, a “European developer” working on a PlayStation 5 launch title has said Sony’s next-gen console will launch with Remasters of Ghost Of Tsushima and The Last Of Us Part 2, along with Grand Theft Auto 6 as a timed-exclusive.

The developer says the series’ next installment will be released in Holiday 2020 as a PlayStation 5 exclusive for just one month. Apparently, it’ll take place in Miami and New York City, rather than South America.

There are a number of reasons you shouldn’t believe anything said by the anonymous leaker. It’s highly unlikely Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released in 2020 (let alone 2021) with Rockstar having only just launched Red Dead Redemption 2 last October, and a one-month exclusivity deal doesn’t make any sense for Take-Two as they already boast an extraordinary amount of cash.

Plus, everything else said by the developer reads like a 10-year-old’s wishlist. There’s just absolutely no way the PlayStation 5 will launch in 2020 with Remasters of The Last Of Us Part 2 and Ghost Of Tsushima, along with Gran Turismo 7 (VR), Grand Theft Auto 6, and a Harry Potter RPG.

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