Sony’s free PlayStation 4 theme for God Of War includes a rune that teases the arrival of the Norse Gods’ doomsday, Ragnarok.

As a thank you to fans, Sony Santa Monica has released a free PS4 theme for God Of War. While the theme initially doesn’t look like much, there is a hidden Easter egg that teases “Ragnarok is coming” in the inevitable sequel.

A sequel to God Of War is guaranteed thanks to Sony Santa Monica’s soft-reboot being a critical darling and financial powerhouse.

Job listings have already hinted at it being in development along with Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

Now it appears that God Of War‘s certain sequel(s) will depict the Norse Gods’ doomsday, Ragnarok.

God Of War PS4 theme teases sequel with “Ragnarok is coming”

As you probably already know from watching the third Thor movie, Ragnarok is Norse Mythology’s doomsday. It’s an event endlessly referred to in God Of War, with Kratos and son Arteus suggested to have triggered its beginning by killing Freya’s son, Baldur.

The depiction of Ragnarok in a God Of War sequel was likely, but the title’s free PS4 theme confirms that it’s coming.

Per TwistedVoxel, God Of War’s free PS4 theme shows Kratos and Arteus in their boat. On the boat is runes which translate to “Ragnarok is coming”.

God Of War’s conclusion teased the arrival of Thor and Odin, so it’s possible Ragnarok will be the Norse God’s demise in the third installment similar to the Greek Gods’ day of reckoning in God Of War 3.

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