George Lucas’ “Game of Thrones” set visit — much more than meets the eye?

Game Of Thrones season 8, HBO, 2019

Game of Thrones recently had a visit from Star Wars' George Lucas but was this more than just a set visit?

Game of Thrones season eight is already off to a phenomenal start and is projected to be the most monumental and discussed season of television ever made. Many believe that we are living in the golden age of TV, and HBO's groundbreaking series is often at the forefront of that argument. The season premiere of episode one just recently captured the attention of a mass global audience; it has attracted as much attention as something like Avengers: Endgame. Basically, Game of Thrones is an unprecedented success, even managing to lure in one of cinema's biggest success stories, George Lucas himself. 

The Star Wars creator is no stranger to success, spectacle or sensationalism. His sci-f- franchise emerged in the late seventies, helping solidify the importance of the American blockbuster. Immediately, it opened up opportunities for merchandising, spin-offs and far-spanning synergy. A property as huge and profitable as Game of Thrones shares similarities with Star Wars in this respect, and also in the comparison that both have proved incredibly ambitious. It's no surprise that Lucas' interest in the series has led him to check out the process with a set visit. 

As the crew point out, it must have been so surreal to have him on set, as he's still regarded as one of the most visionary minds in cinema; his more controversial efforts this century have fortunately failed to tarnish his legacy. It's actually pretty surreal for us - as the audience - too, witnessing Lucas give directions to actors that we have become immersed in over the years. The sight of them standing alongside one another is incredibly striking. 

It's been quite a while since Lucas has worked on something so epic in scale as Game of Thrones. Of course, the episodic nature of Star Wars is indebted to the director's passion for serials, so something like this was bound to peak his interest. The idea of telling one broad narrative story over a lengthy amount of time has long been at the heart of what he does, so something as bold as the hit fantasy series must have Lucas' mind racing; could he get involved?

After the set visit, it's hard to imagine that he hasn't gotten the urge to tackle something similar in the future. With the series coming to an end very soon, it wouldn't be inconceivable for him to become attached to a spin-off, as there are already projects in the pipeline. Or, the experience could have simply inspired him to pursue something else. Whether or not anything will arrive courtesy of Lucas in the future remains to be seen, but after this, it's more likely than ever. Anyone would feel inspired after wandering the ground floor of Game of Thrones - even George Lucas. 

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