A supposed EU developer for a PlayStation 5 launch title has said Sony’s next console will release in 2020 with a remaster of The Last Of Us Part 2.

There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding Sony’s PlayStation 5, and the latest rumour says it will be released in March 2020 with The Last Of Us Part 2 Remaster as an exclusive launch title.

Before you proceed any further, you should know that everything that follows is merely rumours from an anonymous source.

There’s no official release date/window for the PlayStation 5 or any of Sony’s upcoming exclusives. The Last Of Us Part 2’s October release date has supposedly been leaked, but nothing’s ever official until Sony verbally gives the thumbs up.

Plus, while I’d love these rumours to be true, I don’t believe they are because they sound too good.

PlayStation 5 will launch in 2020 with The Last Of Us Part 2 Remaster

According to an EU developer’s post on Pastebin, the PlayStation 5 will launch in March or November 2020. It’ll apparently be unveiled sometime around E3 2019, and the console will be backwards compatible.

The PlayStation 5 being backwards compatible is more than likely seeing as Sony has filed patents, but a March 2020 release raises a few eyebrows.

Exclusives the PlayStation 5 will supposedly launch with include a Ghost Of Tsushima Remaster, Gran Turismo 7 (VR), and The Last Of Us Part 2 Remaster. Now, this seems massively unlikely as Ghost Of Tsushima almost definitely won’t launch this year, so why would there be a remaster for the PS5 in 2020?

As for The Last Of Us Part 2, I’m again skeptical. Yes, The Last Of Us was “remastered” for the PlayStation 4, but Naughty Dog added DLC to the package.

Non-exclusive PS5 games for 2020 are said to include Battlefield Bad Company 3, Harry Potter, Grand Theft Auto 6, and Assassin’s Creed. Another Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft is a safe bet, but there’s no reason to believe a Harry Potter game and Grand Theft Auto 6 will launch next year.

The anonymous developer also notes that Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 will release in 2021, which isn’t too far-fetched as a voice actress has teased that a sequel is in development.