A group of university students have come up with a novel method of predicting the death toll in the final season of Game of Thrones

HBO’s Game of Thrones is renowned for being one of the most deadly TV shows ever made and that doesn’t look like changing as Season 8 finally gets underway.

The show gained its notoriety for the way in which its main characters are never safe and over the past seven seasons, that has become one of the biggest selling points for the show.

After Season 7 came to an end in 2017, many fans have spent the past two years coming up with wild theories on who may live or die in the final season, and according to CBS and reported by Hypebeast, a group of students from the Technical University of Munich have developed an algorithm to predict the survival chances of our favourite characters.

The algorithm, dubbed ‘A Song of Ice and Data’ makes use of longevity data, similar to that used in the field of medicine, to predict how long each of the show’s characters has left. 

Students first began work on the algorithm in 2016 and came back to it ahead of Season 8 and it’s thrown up some interesting results.

The most likely characters to die are fan favourite Bronn, who has a 93.5% chance of biting the dust, Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane (80.3%) and unbelievably, Sansa Stark (73.3%).

Meanwhile, the safest character according to the algorithm is Daenerys Targaryen who only has a 0.9% chance of snuffing it in Season 8. She’s joined on the ‘safe list’ by her trusted advisors Tyrion Lannister (2.5%) and Varys (3.2%). 

The Song of Ice and Data algorithm can be found here

What do you make of the algorithm’s predictions?

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