Atlus’ unused Mementos request for Persona 5 punished PC video game pirates

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Atlus had unused dialogue for a missing Mementos Request in Persona 5 that saw the Phantom Thieves punish PC video game pirates.

Atlus’ Persona 5 had a lot of dialogue and Mementos requests, but one that was cut from the experience saw The Phantom Thieves punish PC video game pirates.

Back in 2017, Atlus issued a DMCA takedown notice involving emulation developer group RPCS3 and their Patreon page.

The reasons Atlus cited included wanting gamers to have the best experience of their titles (like Persona 5) on the platforms for which they were developed (PlayStation 4).

The studio said they’re listening to fans who want to see Persona on PC, but that the current best way to experience Persona 5 is on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

The DMCA takedown notice naturally resulted in PC gamers crying from the rooftops that Atlus should port Persona 5 to PC and “Sell to the global 800m+ majority” if they want to avoid being emulated.

Atlus’ unused dialogue for Persona 5 punishes PC video game pirates

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Taken from the Cutting Room Floor (and noticed by ResetEra user Vestan), one of Atlus’ unused dialogues and Mementos requests for Persona 5 saw the Phantom Thieves punish PC video game pirates.

The individual in need of having his heart changed blamed his evildoing on “those money grabbing game companies” that charge way too much.

Of course, the Mementos request culminated with the Phantom Thieves changing the individual’s heart and forgiving them “on behalf of all the creative types in the world.”

So, yeah, Atlus almost went through with giving the Phantom Thieves their own anti-piracy advert. 

Hopefully, PC players will be able to legally play the Persona series in the future seeing as Atlus included the platform in their USA and Japanese surveys. 

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