Will Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man make some notable alterations?

The Invisible Man remake continues to display promise with yet another stellar announcement. When the project was first revealed, audiences expected that it would be tied to the recent Tom Cruise action vehicle, The Mummy. The 2017 blockbuster was intended to solidify investment in Universal’s The Dark Universe; a cinematic universe reimagining the studio’s classic array of monsters. However, the film was hastily dismissed by audiences and critics, resulting in its demise as one of the most expensive Hollywood failings in recent memory. 

So, when The Invisible Man was teased for a remake it was a little perplexing. Fortunately, it will stand on its own two feet as a completely new spin on the classic 1933 horror film of the same name. Although plot details are scarce, intrigue was fuelled from the very first reveal. Leigh Whannell will be directing the forthcoming reimagining, which is great news considering his last film was one of the most surprising hits of 2018.

Upgrade was the emerging director’s sophomore effort, following the (admittedly) uninspired and underwhelming Insidious: Chapter 3. It’s one of the most exciting and pure sci-fi action offerings to surface for quite some time, and fans anticipate that it’ll go down in history as a cult classic gem. 

Whannell also wrote crucial entries into the Saw franchise – including the first instalment, Insidious and Cooties, so he boasts some rather admirable genre credentials already. He’s more than capable of breathing new life into The Invisible Man, but casting always helps. In this respect, his third film is already off to a wonderful start. 

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The first casting attachment comes from the phenomenally talented Elisabeth Moss. She has recently blown audiences away with her central performance as June Osborne in The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s certainly her mightiest role to date, but we’ve also seen the actress turn in great work in the likes of Jordan Peele’s UsThe Square and Mad Men. Although her role in the narrative hasn’t been confirmed just yet, it sounds like she’ll be the film’s protagonist. Are we ready for The Invisible Woman?

Moss is a superb choice for the lead, and they would be absolutely crazy to have someone else fulfil the titular role while she’s attached. There’s not much cause for concern though, as once the film’s plot is announced, we imagine she’ll be at the forefront of it. Who knew that hopes would be so high for this latest remake. 

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