Once Upon a Time in Hollywood looks terrific but how long will Quentin Tarantino’s latest be?

Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is due to arrive this summer and fans of the popular filmmaker couldn’t be happier. Ever since the release of his directorial feature debut – 1992’s Reservoir Dogs – the cinephile director has been crafting genre-indebted servings of pure cinematic entertainment. Of course, his films often resemble and playfully revise existing material, but he pays homage in such a revitalising way; as a result, his signature style has captivated audiences now for almost three decades. 

His most cherished film remains his sophomore effort, 1994’s Pulp Fiction. However, he’s offered so much more since then and has continued to attract critical acclaim and expand his fanbase throughout the years. If you cast your minds back to 2012, audiences were thrilled to see that he was finally stepping into the realm of the western, a genre which he has long expressed a fondness for. As we’d hoped, Django Unchained turned out to be one of his most well-received features to date, boasting outstanding performances from the likes of Jamie FoxxChristoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio. The film was very long, clocking in at almost three hours, as was his next effort, The Hateful Eight. Departing from the western, could Once Upon a Time in Hollywood see the filmmaker conform to a more modest runtime?

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as actor Rick Dalton and Brad Pitt as his stuntman, Cliff Booth. Tarantino will chronicle their activity as they try to make it in the movie industry of L.A. in 1969, the height of the New Hollywood and the time of the Charles Manson murders. Considering the narrative will actually deal with cinema directly – we’ve already caught a glimpse of Mike Moh‘s Bruce Lee – we suspect that the fanboy filmmaker will have a lot to say; after all, this period in cinema history has been one of his most prominent influences. 

Taking this into consideration, we can imagine that when the runtime is finally announced, it won’t be anything lower than something like 140 minutes. This would still be shorter than his last few films. He does tend to release lengthy projects, as it’s clear that he just loves to spend as much time with the characters as possible. With dialogue as good as his, who’s to blame him, right? With Pitt and DiCaprio in the leads, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood looks like it’ll be Tarantino’s latest epic.

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