Gamers won’t have to wait too long for reviews to point out if Days Gone is another PlayStation 4 triumph.

Bend Studio’s Days Gone is Sony’s only confirmed AAA exclusive for the PlayStation 4 this year, and fans are anxiously awaiting the reviews to see if it continues the console’s hot streak of exclusives.

Gamers are excited to see if Days Gone ends up being Sony’s next big hit after Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Although the previews have mostly been positive despite the hoopla surrounding its “child-like” zombies, the gaming community still isn’t entirely convinced about Days Gone’s characters.

Fortunately, the unconvinced won’t have to wait too long for publications to post their reviews.

Another PlayStation 4 triumph? Here’s when Days Gone’s reviews go live

According to The Sixth Axis, the review embargo for Days Gone will lift on April 25 at 13:01 BST. This means skeptics will be able to decide a day before release if Days Gone is for them.

While you have every right to be cautious about a new IP, I have extreme confidence in Days Gone being another triumph for the PlayStation 4.

Yes, on the surface it looks nothing more than Sons Of Anarchy x World War Z, but the open-world is huge, the developers have upgraded rather than downgraded it, and the Freaker hordes are an unpredictable and constant threat that will surely provide a lot of intense fun.

Plus, it’s surely impossible for anyone not to enjoy riding away from a stampeding horde of zombies on a motorcycle. That’s like the dream game. 

Days Gone launches for PlayStation 4 only on April 26.

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