"The Lion King" 2019 — Release date, cast and every trailer

The Lion King Simba Timon Pumbaa

Disney's remake of The Lion King could be one of the biggest surprises of 2019

Disney's third live-action remake of 2019, The Lion King, looks like it could well be the best of the bunch.

Of all the remakes Disney have produced, The Lion King the youngest Disney film to be remade with the new adaptation coming 25 years since the original film was released. 

While the debate over the necessity of Disney's remakes will always continue, fans of the original film will unlikely be chomping at the bit to see what the new live-action take on the film will have to offer.

The Lion King Pride Rock

While 2019's The Lion King is being dubbed as live-action, all of the film is actually photorealistic CGI in the same style as 2016's The Jungle Book.

On the subject of which, The Jungle Book's director, Jon Favreau, is the man Disney have placed in charge of The Lion King reboot and after the success of the aforementioned Jungle Book, many fans are expecting another joyous reimagining of one of their favourite childhood films.

One of the biggest plus-points for the new take on The Lion King is the incredible cast which has been assembled. 

The Lion King Baby Simba

From Donald Glover and Beyoncé as Simba and Nala to Chiwetel Ejiofor and John Oliver as Scar and Zazu, the cast of 2019's The Lion King is a real who's who of some of the biggest names in pop culture and beyond right now. 

Of course, The Lion King wouldn't be complete without one lion in particular, Simba's father. Naturally, there was only ever one man who could possess the voice required for such a role, James Earl Jones.

Jones, who is also the voice of Darth Vader, is set to reprise his role as Mufasa 25 years after his appearance in the original Lion King.

The Lion King Mufasa And Simba

Another man reprising his role is Hans Zimmer. The legendary composer gave the 1994 Lion King its signature score and will return to score the live-action remake. 

It's worth noting that Zimmer's score for The Lion King won the composer his first and so far only Oscar at the 67th Academy Awards. Can he recreate the magical sound of the original Lion King once again?

The new live-action Lion King is set to release on July 19, 2019. How much are you looking forward to this one?

The Lion King Poster

Confirmed Cast

Simba - Donald Glover

Simba (Young) - JD McCrary

Nala - Beyoncé

Nala (Young) - Shahadi Wright Joseph

Mufasa - James Earl Jones

Sarabi - Alfre Woodard

Scar - Chiwetel Ejiofor

Timon - Billy Eichner

Pumbaa - Seth Rogan

Rafiki - John Kani

Zazu - John Oliver 

Others include: Florence Kasumba, Eric Andre and Keegan-Michael Key as three spotted hyenas, Scar's henchmen. 

The Lion King Scar


Director: Jon Favreau

Writers: Jeff Nathanson 

Producers: Jon Favreau, Jeffrey Silver, Karen Gilchrist

Release Details

Where to watch: Theatres

When to watch: July 19, 2019

Synopsis: The Lion King tells the story of a young lion prince who is exiled from his home after his evil uncle banishes him from their Kingdom. After years of growing and maturing, the lion prince returns to reclaim his rightful position as the Lion King.


The first teaser trailer for the new Lion King was released in November 2018 and packs plenty of familiar imagery and dialogue from the 1994 original. 

Of course, the most striking difference between this and 1994's Lion King is how incredible the new photorealistic CGI is. 

Baby Simba has never looked so fluffy and adorable.

The next teaser came out in February this year and is titled 'Long Live the King.'

The very opening shot of this trailer is exactly what fans want. The iconic sunrise coupled with the synonymous 'naaaaaaaah' from the original film is, of course, going to be making into this new version of the film.

 And finally, we come to the most recent trailer. Released in April, the first official trailer gives us our first glimpse of the conniving Scar, voiced menacingly by the brilliant Chiwetel Ejiofor, as well treating us to a whole range of iconic shots from the original film but in the gorgeous new CGI animation style.

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