A Monsters, Inc. TV show is scheduled for the Disney + streaming service.

Disney + plans to whisk us away to the weird and wonderful world of Monsters, Inc. once again. Pixar Animation Studios arrived in 1995 and blew audiences away with their first feature film, Toy Story, which is now regarded as a nineties classic boasting numerous sequels. Over the course of Pixar’s admirable twenty films, some stand out as particularly remarkable; of course, Monsters, Inc. is one of them.

It was still early days for the production company and it was only their fourth feature film, following the aforementioned Toy Story, A Bug’s Life and Toy Story 2, their first sequel. Scanning back over a history of animation spanning three decades, the adventure of Mike Wazowksi (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) still stands the test of time. 


It was a strikingly imaginative, bonkers and unexpectedly heartfelt piece of work; one which managed to appeal to adults and children alike. This balance of audiences is what the studio prides itself on, and we hope that more Monsters, Inc. content continues to maintain this high standard. Twelve years after the original film, audiences were invited to rekindle their relationship with relatable monsters at Monsters University. Fans of the first admired the angle they took with this delightful prequel, and ever since, have demanded more. Disney + has answered. 

Disney’s forthcoming streaming service promises to give subscribers a vast array of original and existing content. Since the service’s announcement, a string of new shows has been revealed, the latest of which is a Monsters, Inc. continuation. As reported by Empire, the new show – titled Monsters At Work – will take place six months after the events of the first film. Our main character will be brand new; Tylor Tuskmon (voiced by Ben Feldman) is a bright mechanic on the facilities team at Monsters Incorporated who aspires to work alongside the likes of role models Mike and Sulley. 

We’re definitely on board with this one, and honestly, these recent announcements from Disney + are sure to make it a big hit when it finally launches. With a Monsters, Inc. series already confirmed, perhaps we can expect Disney to expand more Pixar titles with their own episodic series, completely changing how we immerse ourselves in their output. The most likely feature-film we can expect to be adapted into a series is 2015’s Inside Out. Sure, nothing has been confirmed yet, but with Disney eager to supply audiences with new series content, it’s unlikely they’ll stop at Monsters, Inc. Honestly, let’s hope not. 

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