The Fonzo cast is absolutely incredible, with the crown jewel of Tom Hardy in the role of Al Capone.

Fonzo is the upcoming film from writer-director Josh Trank. Ring any bells? Well, he captured attention in 2012 with his superhero-subverting directorial feature debut, Chronicle. The film blended the superhero genre with the found-footage film, offering audiences a refreshing hybrid which stitched together popular movie trends of the time. Fortunately, Trank’s time at the helm paid off, with critics and audiences admiring his approach to tired conventions. We were all pretty excited to see what he’d do next…

The director returned to the sub-genre with 2015’s Fantastic Four, which proved to be the biggest disaster of the year; surprisingly, we suspect no one would agree with this statement more than Trank himself. He was furious and hurt by the way the film turned out, announcing that the studios had butchered something he had spent so much time working on. It bombed at the box-office, with both general audiences and critics struggling to find merit in its execution. Trank had previously proved his talents with Chronicle, so his frustration definitely earned our sympathies. Perhaps the Marvel adaptation had prematurely ended his career? Fortunately, he’ll return in 2019 more confident than ever before. 

Trank’s third feature is called Fonzo and will star Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fury Road, Legend) as Chicago gangster Al Capone. Rather than presenting him during his reign, this upcoming film will follow him during his last days, before his death at the young age of forty-eight. Hardy is a phenomenal leading man and glimpses of him in the role have completely sold audiences on his work already.

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It’s going to be hard to peel our eyes away from him. However, with such a terrific supporting cast, Hardy will really have to turn in a groundbreaking performance to steal the spotlight completely. Fonzo will also star Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), Linda Cardellini (Brokeback Mountain), Jack Lowden (England is Mine) and more. Although each of these is a great performer, perhaps the real showstopper will come courtesy of Matt Dillon, who will play Capone’s close friend Johnny.

It’s sure to be a substantial role, and honestly, Dillon deserves to captivate a wider audience following his work with Lars von Trier last year. His performance in The House That Jack Built may have been the best of 2018; he tapped into something so consuming that he was almost unrecognisable. If he appears in Fonzo on form, the supporting actor may prove to be the talking point. A trailer can’t come soon enough.  

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