A Scottish musician has visited Hideo Kojima’s office and said Death Stranding is “unlike anything” he’s ever seen.

Hideo Kojima’s ambiguous PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding has received a lot of cryptic praise, and now a famous musician has added to the hype by saying it’s “unlike anything” else.

Death Stranding has a stunning cast comprised of Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Troy Baker, and even they’ve admitted to not understanding what it’s about.

Hideo Kojima has recently said the game is slightly behind schedule, so even the most optimistic gamer shouldn’t expect it to launch this year.

Still, although it most likely won’t be released until 2020, fans will still be excited by the ambiguous but lofty praise Death Stranding has received from developers, directors, and now musicians.

Scottish musician says Death Stranding is “unlike anything” else

Death Stranding has received quite a lot of ambiguous but lofty praise from notable talents involved in the video games and movie industry.

Guerrilla Games, the developers of Horizon: Zero Dawn, were left speechless by its opening hours, and the developers of The Division 2 labelled it “timeless”.

Jason Vogt-Roberts, the director of the planned Metal Gear Solid movie, additionally said “The world is next-level immaculate” and that it’s a miracle comparable to Mad Max: Fury Road.

As for the game’s cast, Norman Reedus has said – as you’d expect from Hideo Kojima – it’s “crazy complicated”, which was reiterated by Mads Mikkelsen who said it makes him feel stupid.

Now, in an interview with Consolevania, a member of the Scottish band CHVRCHES has said the game is “unlike anything” else.

“I did meet Kojima-san very recently!” Said Iain Cook. “I was in Tokyo with the band [CHVRCHES] and we went to his studio and he showed us around as well as showing us some work in progress on his new game Death Stranding.”

“His office is so cool, it’s all classic horror memorabilia and Godzilla shit,” Cook continued. “I could have spent all day in there. He’s such an inspiration though, so brave and thinks like no one else. Some of the shit he is doing with the new game [Death Stranding] is unlike anything I have seen anyone else do. I have no idea how he’s going to make it work but I am confident that if anyone can do it, Kojima can.”

Death Stranding doesn’t have a release date, but you shouldn’t expect it until 2020.

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