“Avengers: Endgame” ending — what's the plan for MCU phase four?

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Avengers: Endgame will conclude MCU's phase three, but what's the first step for phase four?

We're ready. Avengers: Endgame pre-sale has broken box-office records and fans are now eagerly anticipating the movie event of the year. Not only is it the year's most notable blockbuster, but it's also the culmination of over ten years of superhero cinema, wrapping the up the MCU's prestigious phase three. This crop of work has given audiences such hits as Captain Marvel and Black Panther. Despite the success of these aforementioned efforts, Avengers: Infinity War proved to be the crowning achievement of the MCU when it was released in 2018. However, we expect Endgame will steal that title when it arrives on April 25, 2019. 

The emotionally shattering conclusion of Infinity War left us all devastated, drained and demanding. We wanted Endgame right there and then; who cared that it was 3 am and the midnight screening had left us dreading the incoming workday, we'd have gladly stayed another three hours to comfort the remaining heroes in their time of need. Instead, we have had to wait an entire year - of course, we're still waiting. Not for much longer. 

We're all incredibly excited to reunite with our heroes, no matter how heartbreaking their current situation may be. Thanos won, and that cannot happen again. The audience and the Avengers have a three-hour window in which they can turn things around, but - as Infinity War proved - we're not going into this one under the naive belief that our favourites will survive. As we've grown to learn, there will be blood. 

Blood will surely be shed, splayed across the gorgeous, green landscapes of Thanos' remote farm. Sadly, we don't believe it will belong to the mad titan; at least not all of it. Fans have spent month after month speculating upon the deaths which will shock us in Endgame, and there's sure to be quite a few. However, once the film concludes, we'll be looking ahead to phase four and anticipating future instalments from exciting and more recent characters. 

So, what films are we expecting? So far, it looks like Spider-Man: Far From Home, Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 are on the way; the first being an absolute certainty, scheduled to release on July 5, 2019. These are films which have been discussed in the news since their previous entries, so hopes for these sequels are justified.

However, according to DigitalSpy, Kevin Feige has announced that no phase four titles will be confirmed until after the forthcoming Spider-Man sequel. They've been sure to keep any plans for Captain America and Iron Man under wraps as not to spoil Endgame's conclusion, which has gone rather well. It's not that they'll definitely survive, it's just the studio taking measures to ensure that audiences enter the latest Avengers instalment clueless; as they should. 

In other news, when will the X-Men join the MCU?

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