Sony wants Days Gone to be a franchise rather than a one-off hit

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Sony's long-term goal for their upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone, is for it to be a franchise.

One of the PlayStation 4’s most anticipated exclusives, Days Gone, is right around the corner, and Sony has said they want it to be another franchise instead of a one-off hit.

The open-world for Days Gone is huge, and Bend Studio has told fans and outlets that it’s a lot more than just a zombie game.

In addition, although the team has softened on their former stance about having no difficulty options, Days Gone is said to be “pretty hard”.

And, at the Deacon’s Red Ale Sampling promotional event in Long Beach, Sony said they’re expecting it to be a returning franchise.

Sony wants Days Gone to be a franchise rather than a one-off hit

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Sony’s Days Gone promotional event, Deacon’s Red Ale Sampling, was a team-up with Ballas Point Brewing to make an exclusive event only beer inspired by the game.

In a conversation with Average Caucasian Shark’s Jason Hendricks, an unnamed Sony PR guy said that Sony sees Days Gone as a franchise because “The goal is always to make a game that people love and want more of.”

Hendricks also spoke to Bend Studio’s director, Christopher Reese, about the upcoming game and why Bend decided to create a post-apocalyptic zombie game when the genre is overplayed.

Reese responded by saying the team are massive fans of Sons Of Anarchy and The Walking Dead, and that he expects Days Gone to surprise people as the Freakers are very different from typical zombies.

Although there has been minor (but still unwarranted) controversy surrounding some of the game’s zombies resembling children, Days Gone has received a lot of positive previews. It has the slickest menus since Persona 5, and the reception towards protagonist Deacon has largely been great thanks to Bend's character changes after the first negative reactions from the public

Days Gone launches for PlayStation 4 only on April 26.

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