Eidos Montréal will be “extremely surprised” if Square Enix doesn’t bring Lara Croft back after Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider was a gem failed by Square Enix because of their boneheaded decision to pit Lara Croft against Marvel’s Spider-Man. However, while the game had a “weak start”, Eidos Montréal has said they’d be “surprised” if the tomb raider was dead and buried.

Speaking to USGamer’s Kat Bailey at PAX East, producer Jonathan Dahan briefly discussed Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Lara Croft’s future. While showing off the game’s seventh and final DLC The Grand Caiman, Dahan said Eidos Montréal is “super happy with how [Shadow Of The Tomb Raider] turned out, both on the critics side and performance.”

Although the modern reboot trilogy finally turned Lara Croft into the tomb raider (at least we hope so), Dahan said he’d be “extremely surprised if we didn’t see more” of Lara in the future. “We’re not able to say anything about what’s happening next, but I’d be very surprised if we didn’t hear more about the franchise.”

Its story was admittedly lackluster and Lara Croft was bogged down by the constant presence of Jonah, but Shadow Of The Tomb Raider was still one of 2018’s best games. Here’s hoping the series does continue and that Square Enix learn to lighten up with their portrayal of Lara Croft.

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