Tai Yasue has insisted that Square Enix can’t yet comment on if Final Fantasy characters will be in the DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3.

While Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 is a great game thanks to its varied plethora of Disney worlds (with Pirates Of The Caribbean undoubtedly being the best), one of its biggest drawbacks is the absence of Final Fantasy characters. The bizarre exclusion of Leon, Cloud and – most notably – Sephiroth has resulted in fans hoping they’ll be a part of the upcoming DLC, but co-director Tai Yasue has insisted the developers can’t promise anything right now.

Tetsuya Nomura has previously stated that, although characters models were made, Final Fantasy was ultimately cut from Kingdom Hearts 3 as the studio wanted to focus on the original roster. However, in an insightful interview with USGamer’s Caty McCarthy at GDC, co-director Tai Yasue said that it wasn’t a conscious decision to omit the Final Fantasy icons.

“There wasn’t like a decision to omit anything really,” said Yasue. “There’s so much new stuff, that we’re really just concentrating on like Toy Story and Monsters Inc., because we’ve never done that before.”

Yasue continued to guess that a lot of Square Enix’s “creative energy” went into fully realising the new Disney and Pixar worlds (Toy Story, Tangled, Frozen, Monsters, Inc.), meaning “it wasn’t really a conscious decision to omit Final Fantasy characters.”

When questioned about if the missing Final Fantasy characters will return in DLC or future games, Yasue said Square Enix obviously respects everyone’s opinion, but nothing definitive can be said right now.

Nomura has already promised there’ll be free and paid DLC, with Critical Mode being a more “technical and offensive” addition hardcore fans are eagerly anticipating.

Hopefully one of the DLCs will include Final Fantasy characters, even if it’s just Sephiroth as a secret boss.

In other Square Enix news, Tai Yasue has also said Kingdom Hearts 3 was purposefully made easy, and Nomura has suggested there’ll be a spin-off before Kingdom Hearts 4. Square Enix is also releasing some stunning Bring Arts figures for Sora, Kairi and Axel that you’ll definitely want to pre-order.